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I embraced the motto, “Any job worth doing is a job you should do right the first time,” early. So when I began doing yard work, it meant I was committed to doing things the best way possible.

That means only the best seeds are good enough for you when we’re overseeding you lawn. No cutting corners, because you deserve the best we’re capable of.

From the right fertilizers at the correct times to honest answers to every question, we’re out to prove that small means better service. So from arriving on time to leaving your property in prime condition when we leave, you can depend on NVM Landscaping to deliver on every promise.

Nicholas Melnichuk
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“Any job worth doing is worth doing right!”

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Residential landscaping is especially rewarding when you’re working in neighborhoods like Indian Trail, Mint Hill, Stallings and Waxhaw. You’ll see greener lawns and renewed landscapes in yards we’ve worked on all across Union County North Carolina


We enjoy working with business owners and property managers to keep corporate campuses, multi-family apartment buildings, condominiums and shopping malls looking their best. You’ll see our work all across Union County, especially in Indian Trail, Mint Hill, Stallings and Waxhaw.




We offer both comprehensive and basic lawn care services. The basic lawn care package covers mowing and trimming the turf, edging of hard surfaces as needed and clean up.

A comprehensive package covers everything you need to restore an ailing lawn to beauty and keep it that way.

No two contracts are identical because no two lawns need the exact same care. For example, certain types of turfgrass need to be maintained at higher mowing heights to ensure plant vigor. Also, differences in between seasons can change lawn care needs.

Because doing it right from the start matters, we begin with a lawn analysis and treatment assessment. Then we’re ready to customize a lawn care service package that fits your yard and your budget.


Our weed control program deals with weeds from both angles—before they sprout and after they appear. Through the application of pre-emergents, we can prevent many weed seeds from sprouting. Those that do appear can be removed in a number of ways. We would be happy to discuss your options.

Our fertilization services are designed to keep your grass at its healthiest. To achieve that lush and green surface, we time our fertilizer blends and applications to match changing needs throughout the growing season. The right fertilizers and timing work together to ensure your lawn stays green on your side of the fence.


Our approach to managing lawn diseases and pests is to correctly identify what is turning your lawn brown. Most diseases lie dormant until weather conditions create a favorable environment. Correctly identifying the disease ensures we apply the right treatments—such as heat or fungicidal applications.

Correct and early grubs and pest detection can prevent considerable damage to your lawn. Some pests, such as ground pearl are completely pesticide resistant, so soil from infected areas must be handled very carefully to prevent spread to other areas of the lawn. Other pests, such as mole crickets, can be detected easily in early summer by drenching the damaged area with soap and water.


Core aeration and overseeding are two ways you can reduce the weed content of your lawn. Crabgrass, nutsedge and broadleaf weeds don’t like competition, so a thick lawn is a strong defense against weedy turf.

When we aerate your lawn, we mechanically reduce soil compaction, which allows water to penetrate easily into the root zone and your lawn’s roots to get the oxygen they need to thrive. Core aeration also reduces the thatch pests and disease thrive on.

We recommend overseeding to fill in thin areas at the same time we aerate because the loosened soil encourages more seeds to sprout. To further improve success, we overseed with a blend of grasses because this builds disease resistant into your lawn.



We use two shrub-trimming techniques—shearing and thinning. Topiary is typically shaped using the shearing method. This produces many small branches at the outer surface of the bush. However, the best way to maintain a thick, attractive shrub is to thin out branches from the interior of the bush.

However, we only use the thinning technique when we prune trees. Tree shearing (topping) weakens the tree and reduces its disease resistant. Tree trimming that thins out crossing branches and makes it easier for sunlight to reach the middle of the tree helps your trees stay healthy.


Fall, winter and early spring are all good times for removing different types of brush that pile up. Dead annuals, overgrown grasses, volunteer weed trees all make a property look abandoned. We’re can help your property look cared for quickly.

Our specialty is giving overgrown yards curb appeal, so if you’re putting a house up for sale call us. We also help home owners and property managers handle those quarterly cleanups so things never get out of control.


We offer leaf clean up because it’s essential to keeping a lawn healthy. First, leaves block light, which is especially important for your lawn as day lengths shorten. Also, even though your grass doesn’t seem to be growing, it’s still storing nutrients and energy for next year’s growth.

In addition, leaves begin to suffocate your lawn as they soak up rain and compact. Under this mass of leaves, grass killing molds can grow. Mats of leaves also attract pests—some vermin and others lawn killing.

In the right conditions, leaves can be turned into mulch for your shrubs and trees, so we’ll discuss whether that’s an option for your property. If not, we’ll make sure your leaves never go to a landfill.


We work with many types of mulch—shredded wood, shredded tree bark and pine needles. Each one offers its own unique beauty, yet all natural mulches share one thing in common. They hold moisture in the soil, insulate roots from heat and cold, and keep weed populations in check. All of this cuts the cost of landscape care significantly.

We recommend pine needle mulch, also known as pine straw mulch, because its sustainable. It’s a natural byproduct of the pine tree’s annual needle-shedding cycle. In addition, it offers many benefits over other mulches. It interlocks naturally, making it a good choice for sloped areas and areas close to walkways. It’s also the best mulch for acid-loving plants like roses and azaleas.


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